1. Email all of the following in one email to

Please wait to send the email until you have all of the below-required documents.
The submission can not be reviewed until all of the documents are submitted

      1. Click Here for the construction compliance review questionnaire.
      2. Certificate of Liability Insurance from the general contractor (GC).
      3. Acord 855 NY from the GC
      4. Contract with required insurance language and hold harmless/indemnification wording from the GC. 
      5. Full copies of GC'S General Liability and Umbrella Policies
          • We are looking for:
            • No labor law exclusion
            • No direct labor exclusion
            • No residential exclusion
            • No territorial exclusion
            • No subcontractor exclusion or hard hammer
            • Additional insured CG2010/CG2037 or CG2037/CG2038
            • Waiver of Subrogation
            • Primary and NonContributory (GL & Umb)
  1. Send $250 compliance review fee either through the payment portal or a check made out to "The Oberman Companies"

The Oberman Companies
Attn: Derek Oberman
800 Westchester Avenue,
Suite S628
Rye Brook, NY 100573

Additional Notes:

  1. A copy of the general contractor's general liability and umbrella policies must be provided for review. This is so we can check the policy for Subcontractor Coverage, Limitation, Hammer, Exclusion
    1. If the General Contractor has ANY subcontractor hard hammer or exclusion then ALL subcontractors must follow requirements 1,2,3,4 & 5.
    2. If the GC has a Subcontractor Hard Hammer in their policy, then the insurance company or GC's insurance broker must certify on their letterhead that the insurance and subcontractor agreement for each sub is acceptable to the terms of the hard hammer in the GC's policy.
  2. If the unit owner is directly hiring a sub other than GC then requirements 1,2,3,4 & 5 apply to the subcontractor being directly hired.

Construction Compliance FAQ