1. Certificate of Liability Insurance from the general contractor (GC).
    2. Acord 855 NY from the GC
    3. Full copies of General Contractors General Liability and Umbrella Policies
    4. Contract with required insurance language and hold harmless / indemnification wording from the GC.
      1. This can either be done by
        1. Having the GC be a party to the access agreement and signing the agreement or
        2. Having the contract between the neighboring building and GC include our subject building as additional insured (ongoing/completed ops), primary non-contributory, waiver of subrogation.
    5. What do we require from the general contractor
      1. General Liability + Umbrella
        1. We generally require 10,000,000 for any exterior facade work (If a Crane is involved possibly $25,000,000)
        2. Additional Insured ongoing and completed operations
          1. Named additional insured (not blanket on forms (CG2010 and CG2037) or (CG2037 and CG2038)
          2. We do not accept CG2033 or any version similar to it
        3. Primary and non-contributory wording
        4. Waiver of Subrogation
        5. No exclusion for action over, new york labor law or bodily injury to contractor or subcontractors employees
        6. No subcontractor hard hammer
        7. No residential exclusion that would apply to this type of building
        8. The requirement that products and completed operations liability be kept in force for 3 years after the job is completed.
        9. Depending on the work being done there should be pollution liability requirements as well.
      2. Auto Liability - $1,000,000
      3. Workers Comp and Employers Liability

Additional Notes:

  1. A copy of the general contractor's general liability policy must be provided for review if the job includes subcontractors. This is so we can check the policy for Subcontractor Coverage, Limitation, Hammer, Exclusion
    1. If the General Contractor has ANY subcontractor hard hammer or exclusion then ALL subcontractors must follow requirements 1,2,3 & 4.
    2. If the GC has a Subcontractor Hard Hammer in their policy, then the insurance company or GC's insurance broker must certify on their letterhead that the insurance and subcontractor agreement for each sub is acceptable to the terms of the hard hammer in the GC's policy.
  2. If the neighboring building owner is directly hiring a sub other than GC then requirements 1,2,3&4 apply to the subcontractor being directly hired.

Construction Compliance FAQ